Photo caption: Workers install new solar panels atop Arena Stage.

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater announced on Feb. 13 that it has commenced construction of a photovoltaic solar system on the theater’s roof. The 452-kilowatt (kW) project is consistent with the organization’s long-stated commitment to give back to the local community. The system not only marks Arena Stage’s dedication to the greater Washington, DC area’s environment, but takes a leadership position in doing so among the region’s performing arts community and local businesses alike.

“It was always part of the dreams in designing the Mead Center that the building would be environmentally friendly,” shares Arena Stage Executive Director Edgar Dobie. “It took several years of research and discussion, and we are excited to have the beautiful and massive roof take advantage of such a natural energy source. I know that having solar panels on the roof would have delighted the building’s architect, Bing Thom, and so I think of him and his passion in undertaking this endeavor. EnterSolar is doing great things and we are proud to partner with them on this project.”

Developed by EnterSolar, the 452.3-kW system is comprised of 1,145 panels atop Arena Stage’s roof. The system provides Arena Stage with significant financial benefits, and yields significant environmental benefits to Arena Stage and the greater capital region as well. Arena Stage going solar is the environmental equivalent to saving 45,231 gallons of gasoline annually, or taking 85 cars off the road.

“EnterSolar works with businesses of all types, nationwide. We are particularly proud to help Arena raise the curtain on solar in the nation’s capital. That EnterSolar can help not only facilitate solar in the region, but also use it to benefit American artists is particularly gratifying,” said Paul Ahern, president of EnterSolar.

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