The Earth Conservation Corps (EEC) has installed a chimney swift tower at King Greenleaf Recreation Center. EEC decided to build these chimney swift towers because the group has always been committed to the preservation of vulnerable populations in our ecosystem. Many of EEC’s programs have historically been centered around migratory birds, such as ospreys and wood ducks, and this project was a chance to help support yet another species of migratory bird. Chimney swifts typically build their nests inside of chimneys or hollow trees, but their habitats have been diminishing in recent years, which make towers like the ones constructed important for their survival. The program was an excellent opportunity to engage the surrounding community and its many “citizen scientists,” whom EEC will be asking to help collect data on the presence of chimney swifts in and around the towers. The location of the towers in public recreation centers such as King Greenleaf will enable neighborhood residents take easily take part in the data collection process.

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