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Today we will be talking about Amidon-Bowen’s girls’ basketball team. They are one of the best teams ever! They played against one of the toughest teams like them … Takoma Elementary School! They played against Takoma two times. That’s impressive.

Now let’s talk about how these tough Tigers made it to the playoffs. Earlier in the season, the Tigers played against Oyster Adams and lost to them by only a few points. If the Tigers wanted to make it to the playoffs they would need to beat Oyster Adams.

So let me tell you about this tough fight.

It was one sunny day. There was a nice warm breeze. It felt like spring already! After a long day at school all the girls on the basketball team gathered in a circle and they all started to pray that they would win. After that, they hopped in a bus and took off. The first time they played Oyster Adams the Tigers went to the Oyster Adams school. This time, they went to a different school. Anyway, that ride took quite a while.

Finally, they made it to the school. They warmed up and they were ready to play the game. Now let’s see how they played!

The referee threw the ball in the air and then the game began. The Tigers made a basket. Hooray! Then Oyster Adams made a shot. After a few quarters went by the Tigers were in the lead! Although it didn’t last for long. When it was the fourth quarter, Oyster Adams was catching up. Eventually, Oyster Adams gained a lead of one point over Amidon-Bowen. Oh no! They only have a few more seconds before the game is over. Did Oyster Adams think they can beat Amidon-Bowen again? Oh I don’t think so! Amidon-Bowen steps up and makes a basket! They made the playoffs. Hooray!

By: Julia Chorna

Fifth Grade, Amidon-Bowen Elementary School

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