Southwest DC is fast becoming the “place to be” in the District. Over the next few months we will spotlight the dedicated staff of the Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) who are focused on making our neighborhood a clean, safe, vibrant community to live, work, and visit.

Peron Williams is the SWBID operations manager and COO Andre Witt’s right hand man!  Co-workers acknowledge Williams as a great leader.  Last year he won the inaugural Moore Award, given to the most liked and dedicated team member (as voted by the entire team).

Williams’s family has a long history of community work in the District.  His father was a Ward 4 ANC commissioner for many years. He grew up in Northwest and now lives in Maryland.

Williams has worked for the SWBID for two and a half years. His co-workers say he is the quiet guy “on the clock” but will have you laughing non-stop when he’s off the clock keeping everyone entertained. Everyone calls him “P.”  He says he’s proud about the difference the SWBID is making in Southwest DC. He is also a proud family man with seven kids and five dogs!

Williams says he is proud to be mentored by Witt and this relationship has definitely enhanced his professional growth.

Witt says, “Peron is more than a right hand—more like a family relationship.  He is loyal, committed—from day one I knew he was a good hire!”

Fun Facts about Peron Williams:

Favorite movie: The Outsider

Favorite music: He loves it all, especially GoGo and R&B.

Favorite song: anything by Boyz II Men

Favorite sports team: all Washington DC teams

Favorite Southwest spot: The SWBID office

Best thing about his job: giving more people in public housing opportunities to work.

Proudest moment: Receiving the Moore Award

Life motto: “If there’s anything you don’t want to do, the boys in blue will do it for you!”

By: Donna Purchase

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