Host of “Great Day Washington” and two-time breast cancer survivor Kristen Berset-Harris

Two-time breast cancer survivor and host of “Great Day Washington,” Kristen Berset-Harris, shared her story to a standing-room only audience at the Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund’s October support group meeting.

In 2009, a month before her 27th birthday, Kristen discovered a lump during a regular self-check while showering. Her doctor diagnosed the lump as a cyst but a few months later the lump grew larger and the doctor maintained that it was a cyst, but recommended that it be removed. Months later, another doctor suggested a mammogram that revealed breast cancer and she had a bilateral mastectomy. Five years later, cancer free, Kristen proudly announced that she had reached success!

Two years passed, and it happened again! She discovered another lump. Kristen was devastated. She broke into tears and thought “this can’t be happening again.” It was a month before her wedding. With the support of a supportive, loving husband and family, she went through numerous treatments and once again, she was cancer free.

Kristen says that through these experiences, she learned some valuable lessons. For example, it is okay to be a little selfish, take time to read a book and spend time alone. She says working on “Great Day Washington” has been therapeutic as she sees the best of DC and is fortunate enough to work with a team that empowers the DC community. Kristen believes that if she can help one person, then she is happy, and that other survivors are always around with open hearts, ready to listen and ready to hug.

The Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund provides outreach, support and education to identify the needs of targeted audiences and designs and implements training programs and other modalities to help raise awareness of breast cancer, reduce myths and fears, and increase knowledge or influence attitudes with a goal of practicing a healthy life style. To learn more about the Fund, please visit or call 202-251-1639.

BY Donna Purchase

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