St. John’s Community Services Makes Move to Southwest

St. John’s Community Services (SJCS), a nonprofit pioneer in advancing community support and opportunities for people of all abilities, is moving its headquarters from Georgetown to 901 D. St., SW, across from L’Enfant Plaza. The move coincides with the organization celebrating 150 years of service. “With over 900 dedicated, experienced staff, we advocate tirelessly, fiercely and […]

Get to Know Your New SW Elected Officials

On Nov. 6, Southwesters elected three new Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, and a new Ward 6 Representative on the State Board of Education. “The Southwester” reached out to these newly elected representatives and asked them to submit a brief statement about themselves, their priorities and their goals in their new positions. “Southwester” staff made only minor […]

Homegrown–District Doughnut: Happiness Found

With their signature teal branding and names like Sufganiyot, District Doughnut is not your typical doughnut shop—nor does it strive to be. When you step foot into any of its three locations across the city (four when the Nationals are in season), it is easy to see what they’re about: bringing joy and happiness through […]

The Long Conversation brings Hope & Inspiration to SW

When you think about the future, both individually and as a species, are you hopeful? Certainly, that answer varies depending on whether you’re more of a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty type of person. If I consider a typical week, there are many instances I can think of that could easily trigger a negative outlook of […]