In Nov. 2018, the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) renewed its commitment to all activities concerning transportation with the rejuvenation of the Transportation Task Force (TTF). Co-chaired by Bruce Levine and Adom M. Cooper, the task force is comprised of the following members: Lexie Albe, Katelynd Mahoney Anderson, Stacy Baker, Kathik Balasubramanian, Andrew Bossi, Victoria Stewart, Patrick Revord, Neo Morake, Nicole Donnelly, Ann Kurzius, Robert Richardson, Carla Boussen, Lisa Beal and Fran Thomas. The mission of the TTF is to work with SW community members, public officials, key stakeholders, and decision-makers in SW DC to identify transportation concerns affecting the quality of life within the Southwest Neighborhood, and to play an effective role in analyzing, informing the community about, and working towards resolution of such concerns.

The role of the TTF is to shine a spotlight on issues important to SW DC residents and spark action related to those issues. The TTF is here to support all SW DC residents on transportation issues, direct and facilitate conversations, and to act as a sounding board for how solutions can be crafted and implemented. The TTF is not attempting to replace the duties, jobs and expertise of transportation professionals, but rather to influence solutions while always keeping community needs and input in mind. The members of the TTF will actively engage with members of the community to stay informed of issues and topics that require attention and ensure that community concerns are amplified.

SWNA supports multiple task forces, including Education, Scholarship, Workforce Development and Adult Education, which are designed to improve the quality of life for SW DC residents. The Task Forces identify issues and work to produce recommendations to help inform the decision-making of city administrators, developers and other entities that impact the SW DC Community. As the TTF falls into this category, it serves as a direct conduit between SWNA and SW DC residents for all transportation concerns and issues.

In the coming months, the TTF hopes to achieve and facilitate several endeavors. The first is a 311 campaign. Based on suggestions from concerned members of the Southwest community, the TTF is organizing a grassroots campaign to better use the 311 system to inform DC Government of specific transportation-related problems in Southwest in real-time. The TTF will publicize this campaign through various means, with the concept being to encourage our residents to call or take photos with their phones to highlight matters ranging from dangerous sidewalks to poor signage to illegal parking. Many individuals make these reports already, but the Task Force wants to bring a higher level of reporting to these problems. Each month, the Task Force will ask our neighbors to focus attention on one particular issue but, of course, individuals can contact 311 on any transportation-related problem they wish. Look for more information soon.

If you have concerns or suggestions on anything transportation-related in SW DC or wish to become involved with the Task Force, contact Bruce Levine ( and Adom M. Cooper ( and include “Transportation Task Force” in the subject line of your message.

SWNA looks forward to serving the SW DC community and making transportation safer, easier, and more efficient for all residents.

By Adom M. Cooper

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