Greenleaf students attend the Scholar Appreciation Event at the Greenleaf Gardens resident council program center; Photo by Author

Jan. 1 was not only the first day of the year, but it was also the day the Greenleaf Gardens Resident Council Executive Board celebrated our postsecondary students with the Scholar Appreciation Event. The event was held at the Greenleaf Gardens Resident Council Program Center to honor the students of Greenleaf Gardens who are dedicated to pursuing a higher education, in order to realize the career goals they have set for themselves.

The event was attended by the scholars and their proud family members. The gathering was also an opportunity for all of the scholars to meet and share their experiences as first-year university students. Those experiences varied from being homesick to familiarizing themselves with the landscape of their respective college campuses. Everyone agreed that time management is one of the essentials to succeeding in a higher learning atmosphere.

I wrote about the first three scholars last year as they were entering college as freshmen. Donja Wilkinson, attending Georgia State University, plans to become an orthodontist. Aigne Sanders, who attends Central State University, plans to become a Psychologist. To’ren Pride, who attends Hampton University, is studying business management with a focus on entrepreneurship, and plans to start and successfully operate an information technology company. As sophomores they have expressed their determination to graduate on time, with honors.

In addition to the scholars mentioned, the Greenleaf community appreciated the following scholars who are currently attending or have completed their higher education. Renarda Harris recently graduated from Virginia State University with a degree in childhood development. She is currently attending the University of the District of Columbia to earn another degree in social work. Ms. Harris has been on the Dean’s List at both schools, and is also a contributor to a book compilation called “Breaking Free Forever: Trails of a Triumphant Woman,” where she writes in chapter two, titled “Just Naride.” Alysha Berry is currently attending Washington Adventist University to earn a degree in psychology. Ms. Berry has been on the Dean’s List several semesters, all while competing on her schools’ basketball team and head coaching two youth basketball teams in the community. Timothy Berry has earned several highly coveted computer security software certificates. Mr. Berry is utilizing those certifications as a software developer to code packages that aid in protecting sensitive data systems.

We are so proud of their accomplishments and are grateful to our dutiful sponsor of anything related to youth enrichment in the Greenleaf Gardens community. Applied Cyber Strategy Group (ACSG), a cyber-security firm located in DC, sponsored the event including having an enjoyable meal catered for the guests. As a special treat, Robin Harris-Walker, the CEO of ACSG thought it would be a nice touch to serve the students something that college students are unlikely to purchase while in school: snow crab legs. In addition to the meal provided, ACSG presented the students with a portfolio to carry their resumes. The resident council presented the scholars with a certificate of appreciation, a gift bag packed with snacks, a gift card and a student planner. The Greenleaf Gardens Resident Council Executive Board will continue to support these scholars as they commit the next few years of their lives to obtaining the knowledge, skills and life experiences to become exemplary leaders in their fields of study.

If you know of any Greenleaf Gardens resident attending a postsecondary school, please contact Ms. Walker at to provide that information. The resident council would like to recognize them at our next Scholar Appreciation event and to support them in exceeding their life and career goals.

By Dena Walker

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