By Donna Purchase

Michael Dawkins; Courtesy of SWBID

Southwest DC is “the place to be.” We continue to spotlight the dedicated staff of the SWBID who are focused on making Southwest a clean, safe, vibrant community in which to live, work, visit, and play!

Michael Dawkins joined SWBID 6 months ago as ambassador. He’s part of the team that beautifies the L’Enfant Plaza neighborhood and helps residents and visitors find their way around. Michael enjoys making a difference in the neighborhood. He’s very proud of the work he does to keep SW beautiful, and the many compliments he receives.

Michael grew up in SE DC where he lives today. He attended Roosevelt Sr. High School where he says his favorite subject was science and also learning about the environment, which he says is helpful in his work today.

Michael is a true hero. In October, Michael received a group text from his supervisor to be on alert for a missing young man. On his way home Michael missed his train. When the next train arrived, he saw a buddy and they engaged in conversation and Michael noticed a young man sitting alone at the back of the train. He checked his phone, looked at the picture, and called out the young man’s name. The young man looked up and Michael said, “Hey guy! A lot of people are looking for you and you need to take your medication.” Michael talked him into getting off the train with him and immediately notified his supervisor. He sent a picture to his supervisor who identified that he had the right guy. His supervisor told him to stay with him. When transit police arrived, the young man insisted that he only wanted to stay with Michael, but Michael comforted him and assured him that he was in good hands. Three cheers for Michael and his amazing observation skills!

SWBID COO Andre Witt says: Michael is a bright young man with a great future, he is always eager to learn and pays special attention to the little things that most would overlook. His attention to detail potentially saved the missing young man’s life. This deed was truly the mark of a true leader.

We are all very proud of Michael.


Movie:John Q” with Denzel Washington

Music: Go-go

Favorite Song: “Run Joe” by Chuck Brown

Favorite SW spot: Loves the Wharf

Proudest moment: Helping the young

Favorite Quote: Do the Right Thing 

So when you’re out and about – be sure to say hello to Michael.  

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