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Mompreneur Shantell, owner of Shantell’s Natural Hair;
Courtesy of Shantell’s Natural Hair

Meet Southwest small business owner Shantell, a “Mompreneur” of two children. Shantell was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and enjoys spending time with her family and making YouTube videos for her channel. She is also the owner of a local small business in the cosmetic industry, while being active in the Southwest community as well. 

She is the Founder, CEO, Creator & Mompreneur of Shantell’s Natural Hair. She has sold her cosmetic products at the SW Farmers Market and enjoys connecting with the people there. The company has a loyal base and has been expanding. Even with the economic uncertainty of the times, and what that means for the SW Farmers Market, customers can still connect with Shantell and look at her products at

Shantell’s Natural Hair has many repeat consumers who have described how it helped their hair and skin. She specializes in high quality homemade cosmetic products such as lotions, hair masks, lip gloss, shampoos, hair gels and much more. Her products are made with natural and/or organic ingredients, and Shantell wants her consumers to know the importance of healthy cosmetic products and how they can benefit them along the way. Her products help with hair growth, eczema, split ends, breakage, wrinkles and other conditions. 

One example of Shantell’s products;
Courtesy of Shantell’s Natural Hair

A couple years ago, she realized some of the chemicals and treatments used to style her hair and also products that she used on her skin were not healthy for the body, which is what led to starting her own business in the cosmetic industry and providing products and services that would help her community. 

Shantell has been featured on ABC 7 news for her products. Some of Shantell’s Natural Hair best-selling products are Sweet Vanilla Hair Gel, SNH Hair & Body Cream, Sun Kiss’D Hair Gel & Pink watermelon lip gloss. You can contact Shantell on her social media platforms at Shantell’s Natural Hair via Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, or check out her website at

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