By Southwester Staff 

The International Spy Museum, located at L’Enfant Plaza, is hosting a series of enhanced accessibility events, including a sensory-friendly program for community members with autism or sensory processing differences. 

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the museum and engage with our content, so it’s important for us that we can create opportunities for audiences to connect with us and our content in a way that works for them,” said Aliza Bran, Media Relations Manager for the International Spy Museum. 

The museum’s first “Access to SPY” program for families with autistic children was held in 2016, and this year, programs on November 21 and December 5 offer private visiting hours with less noise, fewer people, and designated quiet rooms to ensure a less overwhelming visit. The Spy Museum worked with individuals and organizations focused on accessibility for the autistic community in an effort to retool the visitor experience to be more sensory friendly. 

“We are committed to eliminating obstacles as best we can for potential visitors,” Bran said.  “We don’t want someone to miss out on the museum experience because we haven’t made it accessible enough.” 

The museum also has initiatives focused on increasing access for the Deaf and ASL community as well as seniors with dementia. Through a partnership with the WeGo Foundation, pediatric patients can visit virtually through the museum’s resident robot, Patrice. 

Access to SPY programs are supported by a grant from the Embassy of the State of Qatar.

For more information or to see upcoming dates, visit:

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