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By the SWDCCC Community Engagement and Communications Committee

The Southwest DC Community Center (SWDCCC) that is planned to open in our neighborhood in the next few years will serve as a vibrant, central hub for the Southwest and Capitol Riverfront communities that provides an inclusive space for a wide range of services and activities that foster personal and collective growth. As a way to get to know your neighbors who are volunteering their time to bring the SWDCCC to life, we present the Meet the Team series. These profiles will highlight each member of the SWDCCC Board of Directors and Community Engagement and Communications Committee. Don’t be shy, when you see us around the neighborhood, say hi!

Name: Will Rich

Please tell us about your background: I am a 19-year resident of Southwest DC. I work in commercial real estate consulting as president of Delta Associates. Previously, I ran a community blog called Southwest … The Little Quadrant That Could. I also served on the Board of Directors of the Near Southeast/Southwest Community Benefits Coordinating Council (CBCC). One of the projects of the CBCC I was involved with was the 3rd and I Street Playground. I currently serve as an adviser to the Southwest Business Improvement District and I’m on the Board of Directors of the Washington DC Economic Partnership.

How are you involved with the SWDCCC?: I have been on the Board of Directors of the SWDCCC since 2019 and board chair since the end of 2020. I also serve on the Community Engagement and Communications Committee.

Why did you become involved with the SWDCCC?: I wanted to lend a hand to help get the SWDCCC on its feet and bring a new community center to the heart of the Southwest neighborhood.

What do you hope the SWDCCC will offer to the community?: I hope it is a place that is welcoming to all. Because it will be only 6,000 square feet, the SWDCCC won’t be able to provide everything on people’s wish lists, but it will offer a variety of programming that compliments what’s currently available in the neighborhood.

What’s your favorite part of our neighborhood?: I like living close to the water. I also like the tree canopy in Southwest.

To learn more about the SWDCCC please see our website at https://www.swdccc.org/ and if you’re interested in getting involved, please submit your information at https://www.swdccc.org/volunteer-form.

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