By Southwester Staff 

Waterfront Village, a community of members, volunteers, and supporters working together to help older adults in Southwest DC and Navy Yard live active and independent lives, will move office operations from Maine Avenue SW to 222 M Street SW to be accessible to a greater number of older adults. 

Len Bechtel, Waterfront Village’s executive director, announced that beginning May 1, 2022, the offices will share space within St. Matthew Lutheran Church.  

“Our agreement for the Wharf office was up for a renewal, and we decided that moving the office gives us opportunities to improve service and program delivery while cutting costs,” Bechtel said.  “It was something we just could not pass down.”

The half mile move will place the Village’s office more centrally within its defined territory, which includes Navy Yard, Buzzard Point, and the longstanding residential sections of Southwest DC.  With parking in the basement and Metro and bus stops within a block of the building, the church offers better access for older adults who depend on public transportation, including those with mobility challenges.

“The Village is happy to have this chance to be more visible in the community and more accessible by all of our members,” said Carroll Quinn, president of the Waterfront Village Board of Directors.  

St. Matthew includes office space for other community organizations, including a not-for-profit preschool. 

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to partner with Waterfront Village,” said Jim Harle, Trustee of St. Matthew Lutheran Church.  “Obviously, the church shares the Village’s vision on building a local community that values and cares for our older residents.  We couldn’t think of a better organization to occupy our space.”

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