By Oliver Tuttle (Grade 4)

I live in River Park and I go to Amidon Bowen Elementary School. I’m honored to have been awarded the watershed explorer certificate this year for my watershed poem in the 2021-2022 RIVER OF WORDS contest. I was encouraged by my poet athlete/soccer team DC SCORES. They inspired me by the poetry skills they taught me and the teamwork they showed me. I would like to share my last poem with you today. I’m looking forward to entering the RIVER OF WORDS contest next year.

Necessary Motion

by Oliver Tuttle

I heard the water; it goes swish swish as loud as it can go.

I heard the whale’s song; singing long and low.

I saw the fish; they were flipping in the waves up ahead.

I know this water comes from everywhere in the watershed.

Water flows somewhere,

It goes to rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Sometimes people ask, why do I care?

Well, it’s a necessary motion.

Each watershed collects water in a larger body.

These support habitats for me and you.

But remember, it picks up everything, even potty.

So, we have to have a long-term point of view.

I see trash through the water flow.

Chemicals make it glow.

So much to think of.

This part of life we all love.

The ocean. It’s so cool and exciting!

Oh, the sound of the waves; it’s so satisfying!

I will do what I can to save it.

Let’s look back on life and know the best is what we gave it.

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