The Southwest BID Food Distribution Team. Courtesy of Beth Hall.

By Beth Hall

For the last eight months, the Southwest Business Improvement District (SW BID) had been assisting the
Southwest Chapter of AARP at their monthly meetings at River Park. The BID staff arrives early on
meeting days and sets up chairs and tables, decorates the room and prepares a hearty lunch, drinks and
dessert for participants. They also bag and dispose of all trash. ARRP attendees pay only $5 each for
lunch, which is generously subsidized by the BID.

The BID staff involved, pictured above, includes Ana Granados, Gregory Williams, Pamela Hatton,
Victoria Owens, Charlene Smith and Mima Monterosso. Andre Witt, BID Facilities Manager, said “our
Food Distribution Team is excited to be a partner with our seniors and AARP and enjoy providing warm,
nutritious meals.”

Dr. Betty Jean Tolbert Jones, past AARP Southwest Chapter president and current vice president for
programs, notes that the BID has “done so much to make it possible for us to return to in person
meetings with lunch this year.”

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