The Editorial Staff

The Southwester‘s volunteer editorial staff is responsible to the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) and our readers.  Our staff assembles the paper, seeks advertising, and publishes the newspaper both in paper and online formats. The current staff is:

Editor Emeritus: Dale MacIver

Editor-in-Chief: Katelynd Mahoney Anderson

Editorial Staff:  Mike Goodman (Copy & Web)

Calendar: Maya Renee

Distribution Manager: Perry Klein

Design & Layout: Electronic Ink

Printer: Silver Communications

Our Contributors

The Southwester relies on volunteers to contribute its stories. If you are interested in in please email the editor at with your article, and when possible, include a picture. You may also say whether you prefer the article in print, online, or both. All submissions for print are due by the 15th of the month prior to print.


One thought on “About The Southwester”

  1. As a parent of a child who will attend Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, I would like to promote Amidon-Bowen as a viable choice for Southwesters to send their children. They now have free Pre-K and free after-care! They have a highly caring and competent principal, fantastic teachers and wonderful amenities.

    Would someone be willing to feature an article in the Southwester? Perhaps an interview with the principal?

    Final date to register if March 2, 2015. Southwest students in the area are guaranteed a spot.



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