March 2013 statics were not bad but March 2014 numbers were quite amazing in contrast.  Demand is very high for properties in SW, with the Wharf signs firmly anchored down this is a trend that will likely continue. If you have considered selling a home in SW give us a call at 202-641-0299 or email us at You might be surprised at the value of your home.

20004                              March 2014                March 2013            % of Change


Sold Dollar Volume            $ 5,432,800            $3,449,177                57.51%

Avg Sold Price                    $319,576               $246,370                  29.71%

Med Sold Price                    $305,000               $224,888                 35.62%

Units Sold                                17                    14                         21.43%

Avg Days on Market                  21                    73                        -71.23%

Avg LP for Solds                    $319,664            $257,112                  24.33%

Avg SP to OLP Ratio                97.3%                90.9%                     6.97%

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