Starting next month Nonuments will come to Southwest and transform the open lot north of Safeway like never before. The five artists selected share their thoughts:

“Working on Nonuments is giving me an opportunity to wrestle with developing evocative visual content that has the potential to draw attention to the atrocity of human trafficking near our nation’s capital. My hope is to partner with anti-human trafficking NGOs in DC and to raise awareness that will lead to giving a voice to the voiceless.” –Jonathan Fung

Migration is a nonument to human and non-human interaction, revealing the shifting patterns of bird populations in the urban fabric, amidst the social and environmental realities of displacement, transience, and climate change in Washington, DC.” –Cameron Hockenson

“It is such a privilege to realize a dream I have had for some time. Creating one thrown rope of three different kinds of species that will grow and provide shade for the visitors is an amazing opportunity I did not want to pass up.” –Peter Hutchinson

“Knowing that the most valuable thing we can give is ourselves, we will spend five weeks at the center of where America’s future is decided every day. We will represent humanity by creating a devoted interaction between ourselves and the natural environment wearing the complexities of contemporary culture on our backs. We will create a nonument built out of dirt, sweat, and intention that memorializes the incredible social and environmental challenges that lay before all of us.” –Eliza and Nora Naranjo-Morse

“I am happy to return to Washington, DC for the third time in recent years, this round with a public work that offers a different way of sharing art with local communities, as public and community engagement has become increasingly important to my practice. It’s particularly exciting that after knowing Lance for years, our first collaborative effort is coming to fruition as a part of this important conceptual curatorial premise of nonument.” –Jennifer Wen Ma

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