Candidate for District 1

Patrick Kelly lives and works in Southwest DC. He loves this neighborhood and appreciates the distinct culture as well as the challenges the community faces. He was approached by several neighbors regarding serving on SWNA’s board and he believes that he can make a valuable contribution to SWNA.

Patrick grew up in the DC area. He has lived in Southwest for almost one year and he works behind the Waterfront Bar at Masala Art. He has gotten to know a wide range of Southwest residents since the restaurant opened last summer, and he meets new and interesting people every day. It is great to work in a place where different factions of the neighborhood come together as a community.

Having such amazing diversity makes Southwest a very special place, but it can be difficult to achieve the right balance. Patrick believes that Southwest must preserve its special identity while embracing its future.

Patrick believes his perspective is unique and he would like to get even more involved as progress continues to be made. He can be reached at or 571-229-7144. Patrick requests that everyone please stop by Waterfront Bar to say hello and he looks forward to meeting you.

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