Candidate for District 2

Her name is Andrenia Walker, but most people know her as Dena. She has been a Southwest resident for more than 10 years. Dena’s educational background includes degrees in business administration, contracts, and acquisition management. The core of her professional experience is derived from working in the banking industry with a focus on investment products.

Since January 2014, Dena has served as the District 2 representative for the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly. In addition to being a resident, she is also the president of the Greenleaf Community Family Resident Council, a role Dena has served in since May 2013. Under her leadership, the Council implemented a summer STEM program to complement the free breakfast and lunch meals they served to school aged youth for the past two summers. Providing these meals along with structured educational activities kept many youth mentally and physically engaged in learning. One of the highlights of her outreach efforts was in the creation of two youth basketball teams, which competed in a national basketball tournament in Ocean City, MD last year.

Dena is a staunch supporter of positive outreach for students of all ages. As a member of SWNA’s Youth Activities Task Force and its Education Task Force, she is able to demonstrate her unwavering dedication to serving her community in a manner that reinforces all that is great about Southwest DC and its wonderful residents. She looks forward to serving for the next two years as district representative.

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