Candidate for District 3

Kenneth Prater is a native Washingtonian as well as a graduate of DC Public Schools and the University of the District of Columbia, where he earned a degree in legal assistant technology along with over 280 cumulative points/credits, which is the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

Kenneth has served two terms as the District 3 representative to the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly. He is both a social and community activist, a progressive, and a member of the DC Statehood Green Party. In addition, Kenneth served as a clerk in the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary for 15 years (1982-1997).

Kenneth has been a successful business contractor in the private sector since 1998 and is currently an employee of Kelly IT Resources in Herndon, Va. He supports low-income housing; quality education; quality health care; the protection of Southwest’s green areas; parks and recreation; a better quality of life and a higher standard of living for all Southwest residents; and an end to hunger, homelessness, and unemployment among the citizens of both Southwest and DC as a whole. He also supports a brand new Southwest Health Clinic and the revitalization of the DC General Hospital campus because it is the nearest hospital to the Southwest community and he believes that there should be a modern medical facility for this quadrant of Washington, DC.

Kenneth supports the performing arts, all that jazz, and jobs for our people.

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