What’s in a Name: A Series on Shakespeare, SEU, and Southwest, Part 2

Author’s Note: This is part two of a series on the redevelopment of the old Southeastern University site in Southwest. These articles will serve to provide information for the greater community, and not to take a side on the development debate. Last month this series began by focusing on members of the community who, for various reasons, […]

DC Gentrification by the Numbers

Gentrification is a much discussed topic in DC, along with many other American cities. The term describes a shift from a poorer neighborhood often populated with minority families to a wealthier neighborhood often populated with white singles and couples. Many District residents see the effects of gentrification around them daily, passing by the luxury shops […]

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Brothers of St. Dominic Priory

Photo courtesy of Fr. Gerry Lessard, O.P. Names? (Front to back, left to right) Bros. John Sica, Michael Weibley, Athanasius Murphy, Joseph-Anthony Kress, Louis Bertrand Lemoine, Patrick Briscoe, Dominic Verner, Gregory Pine, Clement Dickie, and Raymond Snyder, O.P.   Where did you move from? We are from all over the United States: New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana. For the last […]