Near Southeast Community Partners (NSCP) was proud to be selected by DC Public Schools (DCPS) as the Adopt-A-School partner to Amidon-Bowen Elementary School.

This program is designed to facilitate and foster school-partner relationships that are uniquely tailored to support both the school and partner’s shared priorities. Schools and partners will receive guidance, tools, and support from the DCPS School Partnerships team to ensure the relationship is a success for all.

The school—and in particular the students—gain from the additional resources and experience offered by corporate/community partners. Partners can have a direct impact on the school community and have an opportunity to form quality relationships with one school.

Engagement activities between the school and the partner are tailored toward the school and partner’s needs, and go beyond a one-time, transactional experience.

NSCP is proud to represent Amidon-Bowen and has already hit the ground running on this important partnership.

By: Bruce DarConte

President, Near Southeast Community Partners

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