On Nov. 6, DC residents will have the opportunity to vote for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners on the general election ballot. “The Southwester” reached out to every ANC candidate in ANC6D, and invited them to submit a brief statement about their candidacy. The statements of the responsive candidates are below. “Southwester” staff made no edits to these statements—they are printed as received.

Gail Fast, 6D01:

I have lived in Southwest for over 25 years, attracted by the economic, cultural and social diversity of Southwest and the overwhelming community engagement in matters directly affecting our way of life. As a first-term commissioner, I have tried to stay abreast of the issues –serving as a Board Member/ANC Representative of the Near SE/SW Community Benefits Coordinating Council (CBCC); as an ANC Representative on the Wharf Phase I (and II) Construction and DAG Committees; as the ANC Representative at PSA 105 meetings; and representing ANC6D at DPW Strategic Planning meetings. I also serve on Councilman Allen’s Transportation Strikeforce, which meets bi-monthly to tackle transportation issues in Southwest, the Navy Yard and Buzzard Point. The Strikeforce was instrumental in bringing back the Circulator to Southwest in July.  If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for a “build-first” for Greenleaf; work to transform Lansburgh Park into our “central park” and create a robust connection to the Duck Pond; and ignite a thriving town center with the development of a new Southwest Community Center.

Anna Forgie, 6D02:

6D02 is exceptional for our wonderfully diverse population, single-family homes and apartment buildings, government offices and businesses, and recreation and performance facilities, all so close to spectacular waterways. But our greatest strength—our varied and diverse population—sometimes feels divided by, among other things, the major roadway running through our neighborhood. I want to bridge that divide by fostering dialogue and community. Too many residents have felt ignored for too long. In the almost 7 years I’ve lived in the area, I’ve met long-time residents and new transplants, many of whom share concerns about the changing neighborhood.

We need to pursue creative, sustainable, mixed-use/mixed-income development that incorporates retail, affordable housing, and green space, while promoting best practices for changing traffic and parking patterns. As a former Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador, where I taught music classes to kids, I believe in the power of music/arts education to nurture strong, confident students. Access to affordable childcare and pre-K education that incorporates music/arts is crucial for our growing community.

I will listen to your concerns, proactively seek out and disseminate information, and advocate on your behalf. 6D02 needs a new, hardworking representative, and I am the right candidate for the job.

Anthony Dale, 6D05:

As a resident of Southwest DC for the better part of 14 years, I have had a front row seat to some of the amazing changes that are taking place in our community. I am running to serve on the ANC for SMD 6D05 in order to be a voice for parents and school children; low-income and high-income residents; and retirees as well as new residents. This district needs a voice for strong neighborhood schools for our children, adequate housing for growing families and safe streets for one of the fastest-growing parts of DC. This area has seen substantial growth and economic prosperity over the last 20 years and our community’s changing landscape needs fresh ideas and a leader who reaches out to resident to listen to their interests. If I am honored enough to become the next ANC for 6D05 I will always remember public service is a privilege entrusted to me by my neighbors. I look forward to meeting you and discussing issues that concern you and your family, and I ask that you vote for Anthony Dale on November 6th. Southwest DC deserves an effective advocate by our side as we take on what’s ahead.

Rhonda Hamilton, 6D06:

I love Southwest. It has been a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in. I enjoy giving back to my community and doing my best to help residents. Our neighborhood is going through a lot because of all the changes taking place. They are happening so quickly. It is important to me for our community to be the best that it can be with the needed supports to help it to be sustainable and resilient. I work, serve and give back to the community because my neighbors matter to me. I want them to have quality lives and opportunities to achieve the goals that they have established for their lives.  A vote for Rhonda is a vote for a strong community.

Brant J. Miller, 6D07:

My name is Brant J. Miller, and I am running for ANC 6D07 because I care about the needs of our community. I want to ensure that all residents, long-time and just-arriving, are engaged and connected to one another as our neighborhood grows.

Some of the issues I care about most and want to address while serving in this position are:

Safety: I want to keep our neighborhoods safe and secure for all members of the community. I have been very engaged in violence prevention, and have served on the Leadership Council of the District’s Victim Assistance Network.

Housing: I graduated from the George Washington University in 2017 with my Masters in Public Policy. During my studies, I focused on housing issues and urban policy. I care about and want to address issues involving housing, such as affordability, Inclusionary Zoning and the Planned Unit Development process, as our community grows.

Transportation: I have extensive experiencing engaging ANC Commissioners throughout DC on transportation issues, and have attended numerous Transportation Committee meetings in different ANCs. I am knowledgeable about the processes necessary to make vital changes to our neighborhood’s streets as they change and transport new community members and visitors.

BY Southwester Staff


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