The playwright credited with saying “no news is good news” never built a library. As many of you know, the Southwest Library is scheduled to be leveled and rebuilt on the same spot, 900 Wesley Pl., SW. A two-story, mid-century modern design structure will be taking its place in the fall of 2020. The design is available at

Originally, we were scheduled to close the building in fall 2018 and move key components to modules at 425 M St., SW (the empty lot next to the Farmer’s Market) which will serve as an interim location during the construction phase. However, the previous library construction project experienced construction delays in the second phase of the renovations. The majority of the renovation in this phase of the project is external and prone to weather delays.

Right now the close of our existing structure and opening of the new project is scheduled for this spring. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact closing date at this time. However, the library is scheduling programming for events in April, and we hope to have a firm closing date soon. The developers want to be sure that the dates they provide are accurate and that they can deliver as promised. Until then, the Southwest Library is open and the staff has scheduled great programs. More information can be found at

The DC Public Library System could use your help in getting your feedback on buildings, programming and what you would like to see in the future. They are holding a city-wide series of Library Facilities Master Plan meetings. The Westminster Presbyterian Church is hosting one of the meetings on March 7 at 7 p.m. Full details are at

By Georgine Wallace

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