By Donna Purchase

Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) Waterfront Task Force chair Jason Kopp is off to Samoa for the next year. However, he’s not abandoning ship, he’s working with volunteers to take over the task force (more about that next month).

Jason has led the task force since 2015 and says their most significant accomplishment has been working with Councilman Charles Allen to provide input on the recently proposed District Waterways Management Act of 2019. The bill, introduced July 9, establishes the District Waterways Management Authority and the District Waterways Management Commission to plan, manage and advocate for the diverse uses of and access to the District’s waterways and adjacent property, and to require the development of a District Waterways Management Action Plan. 

You can “meet” Jason on the SWBID’s “Hello Neighbor” website ( Jason has lived on a houseboat since 2007 where he says he found a really tight community in the floating neighborhood of Gangplank Marina.  

We will really miss Jason’s amazing photos of his water adventures!! Safe travels, Jason. 

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